Services Schedules

Schedule of Events

Sunday Services are every Sunday @ 11:00 a.m.

Our new address for Sunday Services:
12500 N.W. Military Hwy.
San Antonio, TX 78231

January 2018 Schedule
January Theme: “Awakening to Life”

Sunday, January 7 – “The Four Kingdom’s of Awakening”
Sunday, January 14 – “Awaken My Heart to Grace”

  • God’s Grace may mean something different for everyone of us. Today, you will have an opportunity to awaken to your personal definition of this concept and then to move it out of the concept stage into an active, awakened experience in your life. It is through God’s Grace that we experience a life of beauty and wonder.

Sunday, January 21 – “Staying Awaken While Navigating the Wake”

  • It is an absolute Truth that Spirit intends for us to live a life of beauty and wonder. And it is also a human experience that, at times, we feel like we are living in the wake of pain, upset, challenges, and strife. At those times, we might just want to pull the covers over our heads and go back to sleep. But the true beauty comes when we stay awake even in the middle of the wakes of life!

Sunday, January 28 – “Claiming Our Awakened Presence”

  • As we bring our exploration of an awakened life to a close, this morning we will each have an opportunity to make a proclamation as we individually and collectively claim our places as awakening beings!

February 2018 Schedule
February Theme: “Getting to the Heart of the Matter”

Sunday, February 4 – “The Heart of Your Dreams”

  • At SACSL, we talk about bringing our dreams into fruition a lot. Today, we will talk about them again, but with a slightly different twist. Be sure to be with us for that twist and you may actually receive hearts, flowers, and candy!

Sunday, February 11 – “Realigning Your Heart”

  • It is time for a heart-to-heart talk! Sometimes we talk a good game about wanting to bring our dreams from incubation to manifestation, but then time goes by, years go by, and they are still sitting on the shelf. What’s up with that? Today we take a hard look at that question, without blame or judgement, but with an eye toward realigning our hearts with our hearts’ desires.

Sunday, February 18 – “The Heart of Love”

  • News commentator, author, and social activist Van Jones once said, “When it’s hard to love, love harder.” Doing that is high and holy work, that’s for sure. But what could be more important: Today, we get to the heart of love by looking at how we can “love harder’ in some very real and tangible ways.

Sunday, February 25 – “The Heart of Healing”

  • We often say that there is nothing to heal only our wholeness to reveal. In a unique and powerful service, we will each have an opportunity to touch the heart of wholeness within us and call it forth in deep and meaningful ways. This is a service you won’t want to miss.